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It's the third in Shark Liver Oil's "Three Game Of Thrones Podcasts In A Week" Trilogy. And it's the Season 7 grand finale! It's got it all: an all-star political royal rumble, a switcheroo to end all switcheroos that does for Littlefinger, graphic incest on a boat and a wight in a box. Oh, and the wall comes crashing down. Don't forget that. Never forget that.

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Apparently THAT REALLY IS THE PLAN, and we're here in the second part of our three-part run to the end of the series to witness it, in all its icy, firey, PROFOUNDLY QUESTIONABLE glory! Romp with us through Winterfell, as a sibling rivalry threatens to give Dave a stress headache! Zip with us the length of an entire continent in the twinkling of an eye on (apparently) Westeros' own version of the hyperloop! And of course, wander with us through the frozen north in the hope that capturing a wight turns out to be a good idea for some reason! It's Shark Liver Oil! It's Game of Thrones! HERE ARE YOUR DRAGONS!

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Hold onto your butts as the first of our TRIPLE THREAT podcast makes it's way into your feed. After the crazy shenanigans of the Loot Train battle, we were all ready for a barn burner of a battle at Eastwatch this week. Sadly that wasn't to be, but we still had the burning of Tarly and Son, the return of the Rower That Was Promised and the start of probably the most ridiculous plan in the history of Game of Thrones as our heroes decide to take a jaunt north of the wall to bag themselves a zombie. Will it be All Wight On The Night?

Keep a look out for episodes 6 and 7, dropping into your feed later this week.

Usual place for feedback: sharkliveroilpodcast@gmail.com or @sharkliveroil on twitter.

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What's this? A second podcast in as many hours? You bet your ass it is! Shark Liver Oil comes roaring back up to date with The Spoils Of War! The last ten minutes of this weeks eposide was so balls to the wall oustanding that we just had to get this podcast out. So buckle up for our take on the biggest battle yet! Hardhome? Don't make me laugh, most of those guys were already dead. Blackwater? That's just a starter. Battle of the Bastards? Go eat at the kids table. All aboard the Loot Train!

Some other things happen in this episode too - and we talk about them also.

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Better late than never, here's our take on Game of Thrones S7E3, the Queen's Juuuuuustice! An Ironborn captain delivers some hypocritical sass, the Queen of Thorns goes out on a high, we see the probable end of Ellaria Sand (extramarital sex) and Euron Greyjoy just continues to love life. Oh, and the unsullied hit Casterly Rock with a one punch takedown- KO!!

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It’s episode two: it’s Stormborn: it’s SHARK LIVER OIL!
This week we’ve got some extremely questionable medical decisions, we’ve got - of all things - actual romance, and we’ve got a moment in which we finally hit the limit of character names we can remember in this story universe. It had to happen; we’ve been doing this so long we’ve gone senile.
And if you’ve been listening along with us, or if this is your first week, let us know what you think! We’re on Twitter @sharkliveroil and email at sharkliveroilpodcast@gmail.com.
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Guess who's back? Back again? Game of Thrones. Still no book. But never fear, Shark Liver Oil is back for season 7 of the TV series. In this episode we wonder about the real reason behind Dolorous Edd welcoming Bran to Castle Black, what is Randyll Tarly's real name and what's really being kept under wraps in the forbidden section of the citidel library? Send your feedback to sharkliveroilpodcastgmail.com or find us on twitter @sharkliveroil and facebook! Yes Facebook! I can't believe it either.

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