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Matt and Dave bring you page by page guides to the books you love and the books you love to hate.

October 16, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse! 2: Run Away Screaming!

**This podcast covers material from the first entry of Maddy's diary until the end of the Zombie King's blog.** Those flesh eating fools keep on coming but Shark Liver Oil merely looks on, smiles, and prepares for battle. In part two of our coverage of Zombie Apocalypse! by Stephen Jones, we come across comedy zombie road traffic accidents, ultimate terror at forty thousand feet and a lesson about how all the zombie films in the world won't help you, if you're the kind of person who uses the phrase, "ropey old slag." Download, consume, then run away screaming. As ever, get your comments on the book and the cast in to sharkliveroilpodcast@gmail.com or tweet us at @sharkliveroil

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