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Matt and Dave bring you page by page guides to the books you love and the books you love to hate.

December 31, 2016

Christmas Special: The Chimes Part 2 - Christopher Nolan in a Frock Shirt

Happy New Year! It's the second part of our read-through of Charles Dickens' The Chimes, and this narrative has not gone where we've expected. For a start, someone had a fairly solid supply of hallucinogens, and it wasn't either of us; Charlie, we're looking at you. Is Inception only a pale imitation of this, the first postmodernist book? Is it possible that Dallas was just making an epic literary callback with the famous it-was-all-a-dream reveal? (Spoilers)? And finally: when is someone literally going to write 'saxophones fade in' over the happy last scene of any novel? These questions and more, we need your help answering. Email us sharkliveroilpodcast@gmail.com, or tweet us at @sharkliveroil.

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