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September 22, 2014

Watchmen Part 2 - Big Blue Swingin’ Dick

It's time for Shark Liver Oil to delve deeper into the distressing, disturbing and dystopian world that has the Watchmen for its guardians as we recap chapters 4 to 6. 

The purple-suit-and-custom-made-cufflink-wearing Smartest Man in the World gets into a scrap, the hipster's hero of choice gets arrested and it's time to find out just where Mr Big Blue Swingin' Dick himself came from. Quiet at the back there: no sniggering.

It's Watchmen like you've never experienced it before - any questions, comments, points or criticisms for the book or the cast, send 'em in to sharkliveroilpodcast@gmail.com, or @sharkliveroil on Twitter.

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